When making a Google search using the words “The South Bronx is”, the first suggestions that come upare: “The South Bronx is burning”, “South Bronx is the poorest”, “is the South Bronx ghetto”, “is the South Bronx bad”, and, finally, “what is the South Bronx like?”
My work is primarily focused on the dichotomy between community and isolation within the context of architecture and class. As opposed to photographing the foreign and unfamiliar from an exoticizing point of view, I look to use my work to build a relationship with the symbolic universe that surrounds my everyday life.  Through portraiture and landscapes, I examine how is it that people belong to the urban spaces of the South Bronx, where and how these relationships happen and where they are kept from happening. The South Bronx has fought and risen from the years of decay and neglect - now, its identities shall be acknowledged and reaffirmed.