I am a Brazilian documentary photographer primarily concerned with the relationship between land use, architecture and ideology. My work mostly examines the idea of the non-place—gated communities, shopping malls and other walled enterprises. These often sterile and self-avowedly utopian spaces, profess their own naturalness. Apparently dictated by climate, geography, or social circumstances, these non-places introduce themselves as the only possible choice or the best imaginable arrangement. In spite of this self-proclamation, non-places are far from inevitable. They embody abstracted political choices and help to maintain the very forces these spaces exist in opposition to.

I propose a perspective that defamiliarizes the viewer from these commonly found spaces, through a photographic language that emphasizes what is eerie, strange or surreal about them, thus conducing to their contextualization as necessarily historical. Portraying neoliberal utopias as their mirror images, or dystopias, I set out to look at them from outside the frame of dominant ideology, treating them as symptoms of powerful, but ultimately changeable political realities.